MEET SPACE. a new series.



THIS FINE LINE presents MEET SPACE – a series of ink drawings on paper. The drawings document the happenings of the series protagonist. Her name is Space. She is a female deer and she likes Art.





Grab some coffee or tea and check out the drawings IRL at Press Cafe during the month of May.

The show will be part of Ithaca’s First Friday Gallery Night on May 4th from 5-8pm.

Cafe hours:

Monday-Friday 8am-6pm

Saturday 9am-6pm

Sunday 9am-5pm

New Series! “Unreliable & Impermanent: I love you anyway”

THIS FINE LINE presents Unreliable & Impermanent: I love you anyway featuring drawings on paper inspired by Buddhism, personal memories, and random things. The series playfully reflects that Life is suffering, encouraging a curious, emapthetic, and “so what” attitude about the fleeting nature of pain. We suffer. Suffer wholeheartedly. We laugh. Laugh wholeheartedly. Choose love, be kind. Choose anything. Unreliable & Impermanent provides a certain comfort and freedom to make your own narrative and meaning.

With semi-pre-planned compositions, this series heavily relies on improvisation and spontaneity. It exists as a relative to the previous series Influence & Affect and Excess & Accessibility.  

or dont- I can’t tell you what to do.


ink on paper, 9×12. 2018
see the website for image details. thanks for existing!

Untitled Space

codeblue2 copy
No man can tell me of god. God is the earth. And the earth will tell me of man by the way he treats her
It’s strange to live in such a vast abundant sea of excess, feeling you can only have splinters of the ship
To stand in lines and spaces
Always in lines and spaces
Among strangers and how
How to shut off and blind
With kindness and focus
To do whatever you’re doing without exploding in fear of what that other really is
Or what any of us is really doing here
Don’t question it
What you are
What they are
What we are
When your eyes burn tired just say you’re tired and
And rest until you have to start again
It’s not terrifying
How quick it will pass
Camera always watching collecting the receipts of your actions and information
Probably knows you better than you do
Don’t make complete eye contact with the screen
Or you might see something that cannot be unseen
Mannequin facades I don’t mind
How can pockets be so deep
Yet never able to find
what I need
Like car keys
Maybe it’s just me
Only human after all
Only human after all