The Bewildered Blue

                           The Bewildered Blue

Chaos ballet on the fractured fault line
Struggling with the inability to stance a truth
given the influence of
so many multiple perspectives

All equally focused and flawed
Shifting ever constant between fox, hedgehog, scorpion, and frog
Pleading please tell me my nature 
to our version of god
who's legitimacy turned out to be
just a power hungry myth
made in the image of
Money and Industry

Heavens just hype like Disney World
Indulgences for the privileged who can afford it
Or those who saved their entire life
Just to wait in line after line after line
Possessive individualism pushing
whats mine is mine
to have a good time
Or just pass the time
It's fine

I choose to wait in this line
I am an informed consumer
The product of a mass produced mess
Passive observation to try and impress
The Joneses, Instagram, and the hole in my chest
that urges the consideration not to be
bewildered cattle but
To be Human, fighting the human battle

Forged forever in the pre-existing human condition
expressed in an infinite array that
the silver success illusions say
are not worth the coverage
As if humanity isn't something to be bothered with
When it's the only persistent commonality we have
in being alive

Choose love and kindness
despite the confusion
without wearing it like an arm band
or pin or flag
Carry it like a fluid force compass
that succeeds as a constant
Despite conflict
Have a dialogue
with whatever speaks to you or through you
As it roots as a riot in your heart
Might it bleed into an involuntary action
That the abundance of others
are sisters and brothers
even if you don't talk all the time or at all

Say Good is a possibility to inhabit and be,
could we look at the person beside us
without a screen

How can we?
When we best look ourselves with a filter
with the best angle and light
for the best representation of our highlight life
under the best circumstances with blinders high
for the best self-deception and indulgence like
just trying to get by and by

And get by endless
gripping the thought of transcendence
pouring out eyes and mind alike
Call to the tide returning to untouched sea
Screaming wait for me! wait for me!

At the mercy of this material limitation
with waxing and waning lunar envy
stunted and coddled by fear haunted
Paralyzed and wanting to be
A phoenix that lives in a full grown machine

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